Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Solar Eclipse of the Earth - work in progress

Work in Progress
This acrylic painting is almost finished. It just needs a fishing line with a hook. I was thinking of using something toxic as bait. I also thought of something a little more grusome... like a dead person on a hook, but I don't want to go that extreme for something like this. lol. However I am very serious about the environment. And I am very serious about the message...

I've been down to the Outer Banks and picked up trash before... if you ever do so... bring a couple wheel barrels because that is how much trash washes up on the shore. And I will never support the use of helium balloons ever again. It's the curling ribbon that is the problem. The balloon goes up... and the ribbon lands in the ocean.

poor little fishies...

- Rebecca Michelle Lee


  1. Awww, sad little fishies. They're so pretty and sparkly though!

  2. i especially like the water.

  3. Becky, I really like this--wonderful use of color.