Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Member

Hello! I am new here and very excited to be a part of Philly Makes. My name is Joan Phillips and I run Chubby Cat Creations. I am a photographer, mixed media artist and arts administrator. I write a blog about the theory of creativity, being an artist and art for everyone. I am hoping to eventually host art exchanges, collaborations and offer downloads of free art. It is a work in progress. Please check it out at Chubby Cat Chat. I also have my own Etsy shop called Chubby Cat Creations. I sell Encaustic Paintings, Photo Charms, Shank Buttons, handmade books and coming soon photographic sets.

The image above is a window from my apartment. I love to photograph my surroundings and I love the variations of light that comes through my windows.

I look forward to contributing to Philly Makes!