Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big White Elephant

I've been thinking about this piece I made almost a year ago for my MFA Thesis Exhibit for the University of the Arts last December. Since I haven't had time to make much else this past month, I decided to share it with you. The inflatable elephant portion of the installation is called Don't Know What to Do With Love, and the wall view on the other side is called The Other Mouth (Give Them What they Want). The room was about 10ft x 10ft, the elephant was about 11ft long, by 9ft high, and about 4.5 ft wide with his ears.
Hope you like him. If you know of any good tiny rooms in galleries in town where he would look good, let me know!


  1. Cool! I see plugs... does it light up?

  2. No lights. The plugs were for fans that inflated the elephant. I had originally planned to have a motion sensor in the room as well so the elephant would appear to be deflated and would inflate when you walked in the room and tripped the sensor. Alas, we were exhibiting in a kind of temporary space that had rudimentary electrical wiring and I wasn't able to get enough juice to work the sensor. So the fans were on constantly.

  3. so cool! love it. kind of hard to see in the photos, what are the things on the walls?

  4. Well...they are plush vaginas. Hence the title The Other Mouth (Give Them What They Want)....I wasn't over advertising that fact because I didn't want to offend anyone...