Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First Post.

Hello there.  I thought I'd share a necklace that I made this past Saturday.  This is the first piece of jewelry that I have made in a long, long while and it felt really good to brush the dust off my beading supplies.  My typical work includes my own handmade polymer clay beads and a mixture of other media, such as wire or stones.

This one is composed of dyed Green Quartz, Red Jasper faceted briolettes and Miyuki Delica seed beads.  I'm not happy with the clasp- it's an old one that I used for convenience so that I could wear the piece that evening.  I intend to replace it with a handmade clasp of hammered sterling silver or copper wire.

I look forward to contributing to Philly Makes!


  1. I love the contrast of colors - very nice photos too! Welcome!

  2. Thank you so much. The color of the quartz beads is slightly off and a bit more saturated in the second photo but it still represents the contrast well enough. And I am happy to be here :)

  3. And I think it's great that you make some of your own materials.