Thursday, June 4, 2009

5 dress

My older girl, Self-Possessed Tot (aka Math Geeklet), designed this dress for her upcoming 5th birthday. She ignored my suggestions of a tasteful pink floral and marched confidently to my fabric stash, made selections according to criteria known only to her, selected a button to top it all off, then held out the pile to me with a decided, "Here." She arranged the little scraps herself, asked me if it was okay if they overlapped, then satin-stitched them together. She asked for a pocket with a buttonhole, a prominent 5, and a halter dress style to be cool enough for summer.

She seems happy with the result. Phew.


  1. um, can she design a dress for me? i love it!

  2. I am sure Self-Possessed Tot would accept design commissions with utter gravity.

  3. It looks good. Reminds me of my own daughter at that age. Future designer.