Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Art Website - Rebecca Michelle Lee

Hello everyone!

I missed some posts because I have been creating a new art website... my very own domain! It is hosted on GoDaddy, and has a great "Gallery" feature that allows me to have a dynamic art portfolio on-line.

Check it out at:

Enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated... Thanks!
- Rebecca Michelle Lee


  1. wow it's beautiful! i use godaddy. never saw the gallery feature tho. been wanting / needing a gallery for a while...i use an external portfolio as a work around.

  2. In am so glad I tried the gallery. It was a pain, but sooooo worth it. :-) You can't embed the gallery... you have to edit the theme for the actual gallery page. Let me know if you need help. :-)

  3. You are far beyond me, and that's probably why I love following your wide-ranging imagination. I love what you do!