Thursday, February 11, 2010

I hope everyone knows that the Plymouth Whitemarsh show got postponed until this Saturday... I KNOW everyone wants to get out of their house after this crazy snowpocolypse... These are some things you can expect hanging around my table (besides my boyfriend) :)

Perhaps a leather flower and leather feather headband or hairclip would tickle your fancy?

If not, try a jersey knit "Ruffler" scarf! I've starting making them in lighter weight fabric for the spring and summer months (Apparently they are supposed to be coming soon)

There are also these cool embroidered pieces I made on my machine on duppioni silk, then cut out to make appliques... Lots of layer for instant fun hair facinators!!


  1. They are cute. I did not know when they moved the show to! I am so bummed. I had to work all night but, I wanted to stop in the am!