Thursday, August 20, 2009

new digital collages

I've been super busy working on some new digital collages for an upcoming show. While I've been working at 8x10 size for years, I've recently decided I need to do some larger prints as well, so these are designed to be 16x20. Also trying new things with incorporating scans of my paper collages, and also painting/drawing more with my graphics tablet. See more here:

(Edited to add:) I'll be showing these at this event next week!


  1. this was is very cool, i like mappa mundi too.

  2. It would be so neat to see the larger print size in person. Let us know when you have a show.

  3. Well, I'll be showing these at this drum & bass music night, Thursday the 27th at Fluid Nightclub.
    Ugh, it won't let me post a link in the comments! Adding it to my post!