Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crocheted octopus hat

I really tried to resist yarn crafts. I've been quiltmaking for 19 years, and my fabric stash is appalling; I absolutely did not need another expensive habit. After I had my first child, in 2004, I tried to use up some of the fabric by making little dresses. Plans for an etsy shop were temporarily derailed by the arrival of the second child in 2008. I thought I could sew while caring for a baby and a tot, but [looking around wreck of a house] apparently not. Ah...last month, I rediscovered knitting and crochet. Much more portable than my cutting table and a Bernina.

I made this octopus hat on March 28 for my husband to wear while amusing the baby. It's my third crochet project as an adult. I find crochet much easier than knitting and more intuitive, so right now I'm only doing things I can improvise. There'll be time, and brain, to parse intricate pattern directions when the kids are a little older.

Next project, begun tonight: a horsie hat! An equestrian friend expressed a desire for a hat that would make her head look like a little hill with horses on it. I've obtained the green eyelash yarn for pasture and brown worsted for fences, and will hit up the library tomorrow for amigurumi resources. We'll see next Wednesday if any good comes of it!


  1. Welcome, Lorrie! Very impressive hat for a third project!

  2. intriging! can't wait to see the horse hat!