Sunday, April 19, 2009


I will be launching one of a kind (ooak) work in May and decided to soft launch it on my site and blog now to start the hype! Then thought I'd ask if anyone had any tips for selling ooak work on the web. I'm still figuring it all out, right now I might need to just sell it in my etsy shop since I do not have inventory control on my site. I will also be bringing this work to shows, along with the pieces from my line and need to highlight this difference in some way. I will have some table signage but is that enough? Any tips will be appreciated : )


  1. beautiful. i love it. a lot of the things (a little more than half) i've made have been one of a kind. i don't think i've advertised that fact nearly enough. it's a very good idea.

  2. Love them!

    I'd think some nice table signage would do the trick for at shows. I also don't do enough to make it clear about some of my items being one of a kind and some not. But when I list OOAK things on Etsy I just make sure to put it in the description and tags.

  3. I LOVE these!

    I think a separate section in your set-up along with signage will work well at shows.

  4. aww, thanks!
    tags! i always forget about etsy tags, and the section at shows for ooak is a good idea, i think i might do stickers at shows too - with some signage, i'll let you know how this progresses. thanks for the tips : )