Thursday, March 12, 2009

County Fair Nightgowns

I had hoped to have these finished today but they are definitely still in process. The end result will look like this and will actually be matching nightgowns for two sisters I know.

I think the coolest thing about these nightgowns is that they are being bartered instead of bought.

The mom of these girls is a landscape architect and, in exchange for the pair of nightgowns, she's going to do some consulting for us and help us figure out what to do with our yard. Now if she could only help us keep the plants alive...


  1. What cute fabric. I really love the idea of bartering so much, and think that with the economy in the shape it's in one of the good things that will come of it is that people will look to help one another. And that is such a good thing!

  2. Awesome, I love bartering too!

  3. Good for you... keep up the good work!