Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spontaneous Sewing Notions 1" Pins

(Hello! First post!)

It's pretty typical for me to get distracted while making things, resulting in interrupted projects and random experimentation and often times, there are some exciting results! While well into the throes of Scrapple 1" pin production, I spotted my jar of sewing notions on the other side of my desk... What would ric rac and thread look like on a pinback button?

A little something like this:

And it's always exciting to add a new item to my etsy shop!

After that spontaneity, it was back to the Scrapple wares in preparation for this Saturday's ScrappleFest at Reading Terminal Market! Read more about that, over at my blog.


  1. very fun pins. they are really very unique and special! love em.

  2. i love these. they're so scribbly. yeay!