Friday, March 13, 2009

my turn! my turn!

Yeah, I love doing this, this thing-a-week thing! Yay! So for this week I have a wedding present to show off. It's for two very good friends who are getting hitched in June. It seems to be a habit of mine these past couple years to give a "lovers" quilt as a wedding gift. I just can't give money or buy something off a registry it's so not my style. I want give someone something that they'll always remember and use. I got a handmade quilt a long time ago, long before I really cared that much about whether something was handmade. It was from my(at that time) boyfriends Mother and I still cherish it. That is the kind of thing I like to give at weddings.

Now, this friend - Courtney loves turtles and always has as long as I've known her (long time for me), hense the turle fabric. She's an Earth loving bohemian kind of girl, hense the earthy colors and the lots of reused/upcycled fabrics. I try to reuse/recycle/upcycle whatever I can with quilts (or anything for that matter) . I just like used fabric so much more than new - they're much softer and fabric manufacturing is VERY hard on the environment so I try to limit how much I buy.