Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome to Philly Makes!

This is a group blog project for all artists, crafters and makers who live in Philadelphia. It was started by members of the Philly Etsy Team and Handmade Philly. Some of us participated in the Thing a Day project in February 2009 and wanted to continue to have a place to share our projects with the world and see what others are working on too.

Participants in this project commit to making and posting one thing a week. We're defining "thing" pretty loosely- it could be just about anything you make, even something cool you made for dinner or whatever. It doesn't even need to be a completed project- if you have a work in progress you want to share, that's cool too!

Want to join? Send an email to Jen with a brief description of what you make, how you would like your name listed in the Participants list, and your web URL if you have one!


  1. The new blog is wonderful! Thanks again!

  2. yes thanks for setting this up! i am ready to rock.