Sunday, March 15, 2009

All Aflutter!

I am currently working on a new angle for my customers that will allow full customization of a few of my original design fairy wings. In particular, my wedding-focused Etsy store, FairyTaleWedding, will be showcasing these two small fairy wing designs in the very near future.
The first pair is my "Bethany" style, featuring three wing panels on each side. As you can see, I used a gorgeous swirling white sparkle organza for the base fabric and airbrushed the edges in gold. The center is decorated with tufts of eggshell marabou feathers, tiny speckled hen feathers, a large velvety orange lily and accented with a crystal and copper glitter paint. My customers will be able to choose the base fabric, wing tip, and ribbon strap color as well as specify the type of decoration they wish in the center. I also offer a strapless design for costumes or dresses with corset or low-back tops.
The second pair is my "Ceres" design, a double wing design with butterfly inspiration. For this pair I used a white crystal organza base fabric and painted the edges an opaque mint green. The center is decorated with white marabou feathers, sheer green rose petals, green hydrangea flowers with tiny crystals in the center.
I need to apologize for my picture quality: I am currently suffering from the latest plague to hit town and too weak to move my lights around, so this is the best I can come up with until I kick this bug!

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