Thursday, May 14, 2009

Knitted coffee cup sleeve

Today I offer thanks for coffee, the merciful potion that blesses me with the clarity to be present for my children. The best in Philadelphia is from Earth Cup at 45th and Pine streets. Owner Natasa (pronounced NAH-tasha, with the stress on the first syllable, like "Anthony" or "Jennifer") has concocted an eponymous house blend that I once compared to a giant bell that hits all the notes, resounding and stately and deep. The americano, too, is worth a trip for its own sake, not the strange apology of a drink you might find elsewhere, but an intriguing, sultry brew.

No ordinary yarn would do for the cup sleeve for this sacred nectar. At the Spruce Hill May Fair in Clark Park, I found this playful "Sparkle and Fade Fuchsia" metallic merino from String Theory, a West Philadelphia fiber artist who hand-spins and hand-dyes her own yarns. (She brought her spinning wheel to the fair!) Quite rightly, her yarns are not cheap, so I splurged on a hank and promised myself to save it only for the most special projects.

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  1. man, after reading your description of this cafe i'm trying to figure out how i can get they deliver???