Thursday, May 28, 2009

Perfumed flower bracelet -- small but sweet idea

It turns out that if you sit in a playground full of kindergartners and knit or crochet, inevitably you will attract a crowd of big-eyed onlookers.

Earth Cup owner Natasa put in an order for coffee cup sleeves and I was making crocheted flowers to embellish them. My preschooler and her classmates discovered my flower stash and spontaneously decided to tie them around their wrists as bracelets and offer them up to teacher Lisa Horowitz to sniff ("Smell my pretty flower!"). Ms. Lisa suggested that the flowers could be spritzed with perfume and then they really would smell nice. Genius. We sprayed a light grapefruit scent onto my kid's and she's pleased. I suppose essential oils would do well, too.

Here's my kid wearing her "coffee" (er, steamed milk) sleeve as a bracelet, and a friend wearing her flower.


  1. oooo, i've been in the market for a coffee cup sleeve...and the flowers? i love.

  2. That's so cute! Love the scented flower idea.