Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Public Artwork - Doodle Mania!

I just so happened to have had many "things" going on this week, so I am very excited to post my very first "thing" on the new "Philly Makes" art blog. Since this is my first post, I would like to say many thanks again, (and again,) for starting this wonderful visual forum!

Today I displayed information about my small art business at the annual DCCC Alumni Expo for Entrepreneurs, which included a colorful display of my artwork. You can read all about my fun-filled day on my art blog.

As you can see above, people of all backgrounds happily added their mini-doodles with everyones' favorite crayola markers. So technically this is a collective "thing," if you will. Thank you so much to the long list of doodlers who helped create this public artwork, it really made the day a lot of fun. Artists and Non-Artists alike came together to help create a more colorful world. Everyone seemed to be inspired by spring, and it is just simply a lucky coincidence that it fits into this week's theme "Springtime in Philadelphia".

Artist Rebecca Michelle Lee, Media, PA
Etsy Art Shop, pigeonsintheattic
Etsy Embroidery Shop, eclecticmeadow

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